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Contract Services

You send it, We print it 

Screen printing

Spoilage/Damage Rate 3%​
Spoilage under 3% is covered by customer 
Spoilage over 3% is covered by ATOS
Padding must be provided in order to completed 100% of an order)

Production times vary between 7-10* days depending on quantity
*Contact us for an accurate production time
Any order under 5 days will be subject to a rush fee and approval by management.

Cost Per Location


No Longer Available
*DTF Available for these 
Colors or Qty

 Ink & Location Add-On Fees​

White Under Base +.15 per print
Barrier Base +.20 per print

Under (Base Print) - Required for dark garments and HighBleed 

Non Standard Fee +.25 per print

Non-Standard Garments/Items

Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Bags, towels, shorts, pants, etc.
Additional $0.25 per item.

Softhand / Clears / Stretch +.75 per print

Any Addetives needed to be added to stock inks 

Jumbo Print Fee +.75 per print

Standard Pricing is based on 12.5 x 12.5 Print Size

Designs over standard print size + $.75 per item. (jumbo print)

Specialty Inks + .25

Flat, metallic, puff, glitter, crystalline, fluorescents, etc. 

Additional $0.25 per item.

Foils +2.20 per print

A specialty ink fee + Foil will be added.

Waterbase Ink – Additional 20% (MINIMUM 50 Pieces)

Add 20% to the printing prices listed above.  Water based inks are environmentally friendly and have a much softer feel.

This type of ink is only available for light colored garments.

Discharge Ink – Additional 30% (MINIMUM 50 Pieces)

Add 30% to the printing prices listed above. Discharge inks have a soft feel and give a unique vintage look.

This type of ink is only available for dark colored garments/items. Colors may vary depending on fabric. 

Press Fees

CMYK/Process Prep Fees (Per Color) - 10.00

Order Prep Fees - $10.00 Per Color

Per Color on every order regardless of QTY

On Press Color Changes - 6.00

Color Change $6.00 per color

Waterbase/Discharge Prep Fees (Per Color) - 15.00

Order Prep Fees - $15.00 Per Color

Per Color on every order regardless of QTY


Art Charges

CMYK $98.00 (Flat Fee)

Simulated Process $120.00 (Flat Fee)

Vector $45.00 (Flat Fee)

Finishing Services

Tear away tags only, we do not cut tags.  

Fold/Bag/Sticker                                           $1.00/piece 

Care Tag (Inside Tag) - Min 12 per size       $0.50/piece

Sorting                                                           $0.30/piece

Heat Transfer Care Tag  - Min 12 per size   $1.50/piece 

Rush Fees 5 Days or Less

Upcharge to the total order

Next day 100%

2 Days 75% 

3 Days 50% 

4 Days 30% 

5 Days 20% 

6-7 Days Guarantee Fee $35.00 Flat

(can change based on QTY)

All photo approvals must be approved within 5 min, production will be pushed one day and a Pre-Production Sample Fee will be added to the invoice if no response.
You will be notified prior to sample being sent. 
Pre Production Sample Fee 

$65.00 - $120.00

Multicolored Spools of Thread


Per Location
Emboidery Pricing.JPG

Digitize Fee:(24-36hr  Processing)
Up to 5inch: $35 
6 to10 inch: $65

Digitizing required for flats and hats, same file cannot be used. 

Production Time: (Does not include approval or shipping time)
1-90 Pieces - 2-8 days
90 Pieces+ - 10-14 days



Direct to Film

Transfer and Press

Artwork Service Add-ons

  • We can prep your sheet but will not change sizing or colors. 

  • Color Swap (Add $25 to $40)
    Change a single color of your artwork

  • Background Removal (Add $25 to $40)
    Remove artwork background so it's transparent

  • Redraw (Add $40+)
    Our artists redraw artwork for better print quality

  • Pantone Color Match (Add $40 per color)
    Give us the color code and we'll make a chart with different shades. Then, we'll choose the closest match and print your order. Please note PMS match will not be 100%


       *Additional fees apply and are subject to change for more complex artwork adjustments.

Gang Sheet Cost $18.50

Press Fee $2.50

Cost Examples

DTF Pricing.png

Sheet: 22x12 = 18.50 
Press:10 (10 logos in sheet) x $2.50

Press $25.00 + Sheet 18.50 = 43.50

Total: 43.50 (4.35 Per Logo)

Example Pricing: 10 Prints

Example Pricing Large Logo: 2 Prints

DTF pricing Sample 2.png

Sheet: 22x12 = 18.50
Press: 2 (2 logos in sheet) x $2.50

Press $5.00
 + Sheet 18.50 = 23.50

Total: 23.50 (11.75 Per Logo)

_swagbyatos (1).jpg

Custom GangSheet UV-DTF

$20.00 Per 22x12 Sheet (Min one Sheet)

1. Page must be 22x12 PNG print ready file. 
   2. No PMS matching

Apply Onto

  1. Plastics

  2. Metal

  3. Glass

  4. Ceramics

Need us to apply!? 
$1.75 per logo


Laser Engraving

Per Location / Per Piece
Flats $3.00
Wrap $6.00
Cuts $4.00
Setup Fee $35

We require 1 extra product for settings adjustment (not required for re-orders)  


Need promo products?
Ask your Rep for our in house product catalog

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